Gluten Free Options

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Visit our lovely Bistro/Kafe and sample some our great Gluten free meals and snacks prepared specially for you on the premises.

We understand the difficulties of eating out when you have specific dietary needs and as we have a very busy roadside establishment on the A66 we get many people travelling to a wide range of destinations going on holiday, visiting friends or on business.

We are an ideal stop off for many people who need a quick meal and on their way or for those who have time to spare you can spend some leisurely time communing with the multitude of animals to see on site (including our fabulous llamas!)

We appreciate this is not always so easy to do if you need to be sure of the way your food is prepared and served and that the establishment has a clear understanding of the specific needs of a gluten free diet.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer excellent food, good service and a unique and quirky environment combined with attention to detail with your food.

We have a range of meals suitable for Gluten free diets that are both tasty and interesting so why not come along and try our menu next time you are in the area.

We are always happy to have your comments and suggestions so we can improve your dining experience on an on going basis.

Llama Karma Kafe are keen to provide an extensive Gluten Free menu and include a wide range of foods on their menu that are prepared in a way that meets the needs of people who require foods that do no contain or are contaminated by Gluten.

We are currently developing an individual menu especially for gluten free diets and are interested in hearing from people who would like to share their own simple recipes with us.

Dishes need to be able to made fresh at the time with easily sourced ingredients and can be prepared in away that avoid cross contamination.

If you have a favourite meal you would like to share with us please get in touch.

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